2020 Collaborative Summer Reading Program Theme:

"Imagine Your Story"

Fayette Community Library is releasing FLEXIBLE plans for this year’s summer reading program.

First of all, FCL has decided to re-name this year’s program and call it “Summer FUN Learning.” We have all been stuck inside for school for the last few months so we need a break from so many screen activities, homework and reading logs. We can’t really plan anything for sure in this mixed up world we are trying to navigate so it’s time to think outside the box!

Fun “Homework” for the program will consist of a  game of BINGO paired with story prompts, fill in the blanks and Mad Libs to “hand in” to the book drop. By the time we are done with our homework we will have created OUR OWN STORY with elements of Fairy Tales, Star Wars, Science, Harry Potter, and Super Heroes, to be read at our  Summer Fun Learning  Party!

Adults are still invited to come to the activities and answer Facebook trivia to get their name in the weekly drawing for books!

  • Engineering the Enchanted

    Today (Tues. July 14, 2020) was the kick-off for the Summer Fun Reading Program - Imagine Your Story! We hosted a virtual program from the Science Center of Iowa called "Engineering the Enchanted."

    This virtual program allowed us to maintain social distancing recommendations for attendees, and allowed others who felt more comfortable at home to also join in on the experiments and fun!

    Attendees learned about engineering principles, did some experiments, and learned some history too!