Use a computer

Who may use the computers:

  • Persons wishing to use the computer must first check with the library staff on duty before using the computer.  

  • Persons wishing to use the computer must be a cardholder at the Fayette Community Library and have no fines or fees over $1.00.  Computer usage will be revoked until obligations are met.

  • As a convenience to out of town visitors the library will allow them to use the computers but must relinquish if a cardholder needs to use it after the 30 minutes is up.

  • First time users will receive a brief orientation by the library staff on the proper use of the computers and on the types of software available.
  • There is no age limit for computer users: however, parents will need to give internet-use permission for their minor children.

Things to know about using the computers:

  • Patrons will be allowed computer time, whether on a walk-in or reserve basis, in the chronological order in which requests are received.
  • It is the user's responsibility to report anything wrong with the computers immediately.
  • The library's software is protected by copyright and may not be copied.  
  • There will be a limit of one person at the computer at a time.  Other patrons must wait quietly in the library.  The librarian reserves the right to terminate a person's use of computer if problems (such as excessive noise, physical abuse, or hardware or software malfunctions) occur.
  • No food or drink is allowed at computer workstations.
  • While a librarian is always available for guidance and assistance, they are unable to provide in-depth instruction.
  • Exceptions to any of these rules must be authorized by the Director of the library.

    See also the library's Internet Use Policy